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Sunday, 1st September 2019

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Major input from Malcolm J Naudi Communications in Malta Stock Exchange Business Review

The Malta Stock Exchange Business Review is a typical example of how Malcolm J Naudi Communications can get involved in a project and contribute to a high-quality product.

Malcolm J. Naudi was invited to be a member of the Editorial Board of this annual publication, apart from being one of the Editorial co-ordinators.

Malcolm conducted and wrote no fewer than 12 in-depth interviews for the publication:

Malcolm conducted a number of shorter interviews for the publication:

There is also a ‘News’ piece on the possible future listing of APS Bank on the Malta Stock Exchange In addition, he co-ordinated the work of the main photographer of the publication, Darrin Zammit Lupi, and did all the proof-reading and editing necessary before the magazine went to press. This was a truly satisfying job, with deadlines fully respected and produced to high quality thanks to the input of the design and production team of Perfecta Advertising Ltd.