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Saturday, 30th June 2012

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Six Tools to be a Better Public Speaker

Malcolm J Naudi today conducted an interactive training session, titled Six Tools to be a Better Public Speaker. The session, part of the JCI Think.Speak.Act! project, which aims to empower participants to improve thinking and speaking skills to become more active citizens, was held in the Executive Lounge at the Palace Hotel, Sliema.

Among the topics covered were:
- Preparation and flow
- Logic and clarity
- Use of Humour
- Intonation
- Managing criticism, confrontation, and anger
- Spontaneous arguments and fallback positions

Malcolm led the participants through an intesive exposure to all aspects of public speaking, identifying multiple levels on which a speaker can maintain audience attention and sustain attention peaks. He discussed the structure of the speech, logistics, personal preparation, use of confidence cards and dealing with questions.

The JCI Think.Speak.Act! project aims to empower young people through training from international and local trainers, workshops with established leaders and networking with like-minded fellows. Five training sessions were conducted between March and June 2012 with this being the last one. Malcolm's contribution was voluntary and a brief session followed in which Thomas Cremona gave his experiences of being a JCI member.

Following these five sessions, participants will have the opportunity to work in teams and share what they gained by organising short training workshops for other young people. The Project is financed by the European Union through the Youth in Action Programme.