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Friday, 24th August 2018

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'For the love animals': the new book on the Borg Cardona family firm now in production

By the end of the year the book For the love of animals, written by Malcolm J. Naudi, on 70 years of the Borg Cardona family in business, is expected to be published.

The book traces the setting up of the company and how it developed and adapted in the context of the development of agriculture after World War II, the growth of the pet sector and the flourishing of a number of pet associations.

For the 70th anniversary of the company, Nigel and Andrew Borg Cardona, third-generation members, together with their father, Stanley, commissioned the author to compile this company history.

In the process of conducting his research for the book, Malcolm J. Naudi held no fewer than eight interviews, mainly with Stanley, but also with Nigel and Andrew, apart from conducting a discussion with current and past employees of the Borg Cardona company and other collaborators, and researching in the electronic archives of the Times of Malta.

Dr Roberto Andrea Balbo, Director (Veterinary Regulation), and Chief Veterinary Officer for Malta, wrote the Foreword.