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Wednesday, 9th March 2016

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In-Nisga tal-Indipendenza translated

Last summer the Ragonesi family approached MJNC with a request to translate a booklet, published in Il-Mument on 21 September, 2014, titled In-Nisga tal-Indipendenza (How Independence was achieved), based on the recollections of their father, Dr Victor Ragonesi.

The 90-page booklet, compiled by Sergio Grech, gives unique, behind-the-scenes insights into the run-up to Malta’s independence from former Prime Minister George Borg Olivier’s right hand man.

The booklet is profusely illustrated with historic photographs, cartoons and other documents of the time and includes five pages of notes and references.

“This was an assignment that required rigour and discipline, since the translation was undertaken over a period of some eight weeks and resulted in a document of over 20,000 words,” Malcolm J Naudi said. “It was handed to the clients ahead of schedule and reached their full satisfaction.”