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Wednesday, 25th November 2015

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Fresh, key messages in new P2M website

Malcolm J Naudi Communications was commissioned to create the content for the brand new website of Pisciculture Marine de Malte Ltd (P2M),

The company, based in Mgiebah, started operations in Malta in 1990. They were the pioneers of private fish-farming in Malta. Today, P2M is Malta’s leading aquaculture producer and its fish farms are located at several sites in the northern part of the island. The company produces on average 1,200 tons of high quality fish that are exported mainly to European markets.

The creation of the text for the website involved several meetings with P2M’s management and the technical team that created the website. Malcolm J Naudi Communications, being known for their ability to respect deadlines set by the client, delivered all the content on time and within budget.