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Tuesday, 19th August 2014

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Research interviews for Mizzi family book nearing completion

One of the current long-term projects of MJN Communications, a book on Spiro Mizzi, one of the titans of Maltese business, and his family, today the Mizzi Organisation, is nearing an important milestone.

Some 20 interview subjects have been addressed, including family members, Board members, and current and former employees. Each interview is recorded digitally, transcribed and reviewed before the subject sees the document and approves it.

Once all the family members have been interviewed, along with some more current and former members of staff, the final stage of editing the content and assembling it in chronological order will begin.

All those approached have been extremely forthcoming in assisting in the project. Credit and thanks go to the two interns who have worked so hard in transcribing the interviews, Diana Iskander and Martin Bonnard.