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Friday, 16th May 2014

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Malcolm J Naudi Communications replies to Allied Newspapers Ltd statement

Malcolm J Naudi  Communications has issued the following statement in reply to the Allied Newspapers Ltd statement published yesterday in and in the Times of Malta today:

The Council of the Institute of Maltese Journalists (IĠM) dealt with the issue of my position as Chairman in view of the events this week during its meeting a short while ago. Before I left the meeting to allow them to debate the issue in my absence, I explained to them that the media release issued by my PR agency, Malcolm J Naudi Communications, on behalf of my clients G4S was drafted by the legal advisers of G4S and my agency’s role was solely to circulate the release to all media.

On my return to the meeting, the Council informed me that they have confirmed their full confidence in me as Chairman. Therefore, I see no reason to resign.

Allow me to also clarify that on Tuesday, when the incident occurred, I instructed the IĠM Secretary Tony Barbaro Sant to contact the photographer, who confirmed personally the facts as carried by of the incident. I also instructed the IĠM PRO Roderick  Agius to issue the statement of condemnation on Tuesday evening once I was aware that there was consensus among the Council for this statement to be released to all media.