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Monday, 20th January 2014

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Contribution to the book "Scrumptious"

Malcolm J Naudi has contributed to a book called Scrumptious (Jinżlulek Għasel). The book includes 127 different anecdotes from well-known Maltese people. Malcolm tells the story of a common situation for journalists – the breakdown of a tape recorder – when he went to interview the Minister of Tourism of the time, Joe Grima.

All went well for around 20 minutes when the tape simple stopped without him noticing. So he ended up staying up all night to remember the missing segment and writing the interview from memory. In that time there was no internet and no mobile phones. Malcolm had to send the story by telex to Libya, since Mr Grima had travelled there on official government business, for his approval.

The next day the story was in the paper, with the Tourism Minister none the wiser about the breakdown of the tape recorder.