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Tuesday, 10th December 2013

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MIM Entrepreneurship Seminar 2013

Malcolm J Naudi interviewed Cain Grech, from the office of the Chairman of Malta Enterprise, about funding opportunities for entrepreneurs during the MIM Entrepreneurship Seminar 2013 on 10 December 2013.

Entrepreneurs provide one of the main engines of growth in any healthy economy. They act as vital agents of change by developing new products and services, implementing more efficient production methods, and creating new business models and industries. They generate jobs, support local communities and build prosperous societies.

The main questions Mr Grech responded to were on the sectors Malta Enterprise considers when it is approached for funding by overseas entrepreneurs and their local partners; the procedure that must be followed for these prospective entrepreneurs to gain funding from Malta Enterprise; what prospective entrepreneurs must be aware of to avoid plus positive elements that would favour their application for funding from Malta Enterprise; and the anticipated time scale for the processing of an application. There were also questions from participants.

After the interview Malcolm moderated a panel discussion with the participation of three speakers. Reuben Buttigieg, President of the Malta Institute of Management, discussed Funding Opportunities for Entrepreneurs; Carmen Ciantar, Marketing Manger at Yellow Pages (Malta) Ltd,  dealt with Marketing your Enterprise Effectively; and Mark Camilleri, Director, Smart Skin Ltd, spoke on Thinking out of the Box. There was also a lively discussion with questions from participants to the panel.